Metaverse Advisors 

Nico Fara

Metaverse Committee Co-Chair

Nico Fara is a web3 strategist, tech futurist, executive consultant, engineer and serial entrepreneur with deep expertise in the retail and tech industries.

She is the founder of The Fashion DAO, the consortium of Web3 fashion experts; looking to support responsible adoption of Web3 technologies in the industry and facilitate collaboration and co-creation among the community.

Nico Fara is the founder and CEO of Chief Metaverse Officer™, a leading metaverse SaaS and consultancy company working with the world’s top brands and retailers on strategizing, designing and executing their web3 presence through metaverse, NFTs, gaming, virtual fashion, and other technology solutions in sustainable, accessible and inclusive ways.

She is also the founder of Queendom™, the first-ever decentralized metaverse platform created and led by women and minorities, that is onboarding and empowering women, LGBTQ, BIPOC and individuals with differing cognitive or physical abilities by offering them a safe and thriving environment with minimal barriers to entry.