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Spottie Wifi

Spottie WiFi is the best (only) CryptoPunk rapper alive. He disrupted the music industry in August 2021 by selling 2000 NFT albums and generating 60 ETH in revenue in under 60 seconds as an independent artist. Since then, the album has gone on to generate nearly 200 ETH in secondary sales and is regarded as one the most successful and innovative music NFTs in history. Spottie was honored to receive the 2021 NFT.NYC award for Best Use of NFTs in the Music Industry.

Spottie is a true MC, meaning he knows how to move a crowd! Before becoming Spottie WiFi, the man behind the CryptoPunk opened for major artists including Nas, Snoop Dogg, T.I. and many others. In his more recent career as Spottie WiFi, he has performed at high profile events like the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s official Sotheby’s afterparty, Decentraland Metaverse Festival, Coinbase’s Art Basel party hosted by Gary Vee and others.¬†