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Darcy Donavan

Darcy Donavan is a Producer, Film & Television Actress , Recording Artist, Author, Public Speaker, #CryptoQueen, Influencer to 7+ Million.

Darcy has appeared in roles for hit movies and television shows including, “Anchorman”, “Modern Family”, “Parks and Recreation”, “Bones”, “Six Feet Under”, “Entourage”, “Cult”, “All My Children”, “My Name is Earl”, “Las Vegas” and “Nip/Tuck”, to name a few. She is also a platinum selling recording artist, with her most recent single, “It’s My Life,” charting in the top 100 Dance Billboard Charts in four countries.

In addition to her extensive accolades, Darcy is also a savvy entrepreneur. Darcy keeps busy with her businesses and investments in Cryptocurrency, NFTs, the Metaverse, and projects throughout Web3.  Also known as the #CryptoQueen, she is the CMO of the cryptocurrency, Ecoin Finance.

 She was interviewed in the Crypto/NFT Documentary, “Not_A.JPEG”,, alongside many other well-known celebrities and Founders in the Web3 World Community. She was also invited to be an Advisor on the Global Blockchain Council, where she will continue to help people around the world through new innovations and technology.

Apart from her career endeavors, Darcy has dedicated her life to inspiring others through her charity work and through her huge social media presence, sending words of inspiration to her millions of loyal fans daily. After prompting from her fans and friends, Darcy became an author, penning a best-selling inspirational guide book called, “Darcy’s Daily Dose of Inspiration”. From the sales of her book, she donated part of the proceeds to several deserving charities including, and Valley View Vaulters.  Through her philanthropic career, she has raised awareness and supported hundreds of charities. Darcy was recognized for her work and named a World Peace Ambassador. 

Darcy is currently producing a feature film and writing her second book, a spiritual autobiography that major studio producers are looking to make into a feature film.